Screen Size for Gameplay?

If I use a larger monitor to play the game can I see more space in between the information boxes or is the size of the box and text relevant to the monitor size?
I find it very “confining” trying to see what’s going on when flying or fighting in space with all the boxes blocking my view. I played this game way back in 2014 and had my laptop hooked up to a 40" LCD Samsung TV screen thru the HDMI but can’t remember what it looked like.
What I’m trying to do is get a screen that’s big enough for me to see more than a 6" square of space in between the boxes while still being able to read what’s in the information boxes.
Can you change the text size in the info. boxes so it’s still readable but small enough were it can be out of the way on the side(s) of the screen?

You can change the UI scaling with a 2K monitor - 100% will put a lot more information on the screen than 150% but the text and icons will be a lot smaller. You can stack windows which saves space but you’ll need to tab between them to find what you want. You can change the font size for chat and context menus. Larger monitor at the same resolution won’t make a big difference but you can stretch the client across 2 monitors or purchase a 4K monitor with a lot more pixels.

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