Screen tearing/freakout borderline crash on Mac jumping into crowded systems

Example, jumped into Horde staging in M-J on latest/current Mac client on Catalina 10.5.7. Pretty much 100% of the time I go into that system, my EVE client has a seizure. Nearly crashes, tearing, total freak out. Sometimes in Jita, 100% of the time there. No issues on Windows clients.

Windowed mode on iMac with all graphics settings on lowest/maximum potato. Doesn’t seem to matter what ship I’m in, who is around me, or what gate/entry method I use. Undock, jump in by gate, ANSI… same outcome. Next system over? Works fine.

EDIT: Gif/video of what I see there…

I have that problem for almost all of my jumps and undocks. There seems to be a probability that this happens whenever I do these two things.

Have a similar problem. I can fly to Jita, dock and trade. No problem. Then I dock off to a Safespot, also still all good.

Then I start the warp jump to leave Jita and the game hangs, rainbow wheel, nothing works anymore.

The problem can be reproduced at any time, no matter with which ship.

(Playing on a M1 Max.)

Similar issue with M1 mac. Games crashes on undock from Jita.

Been getting a freeze on warping away from the trade hub in Jita that’s now recurred on warping away from a fortizar in nullsec. M1 Mac mini, 16gb ram, the machine’s more or less brand new (about 5 weeks old) so it’s a fresh install of everything. Only other programs open were the launcher, Chrome and Mumble.

Seeing similar today having just got a new M1 Mac pro. Totally clean install and the game keeps hanging when I warp away from a grid. Has happened in jita but seems to happen very frequently when warping away from combat sites with a fleet in them.

I had Proton enabled, will disable and see if the issue persists.

I repeatedly see this issue warping away from Jita. If I warp to a nearby station that is off-grid but is not as far away (<1 AU), and then warp to the gate from there, I do not see the issue.

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