🔴 Screens in stations pop out into bigger video window

I’m seeing all these rather interesting videos that CCP recently added to the game with all the ships. I also noticed this particular CONCORD CDIA clip about some Guristas stuff and wanted to see that in a bigger window. The old Billboards had the ingame browser feature to open the news site. Would be nice if there was a similar thing for the station video screens/billboards. We have these Flight School videos (where are they even these days? I can’t find them anymore.) that played ingame in a dedicated window without you having to go out of EVE. This feature could be recycled for the billboards/station video screens to show the clips in higher resolution.

Possible added benefit: You could even peddle NES merch to player via these video screens when you play NES ads. There could be a button that takes you straight to the advertised item in the NES. The standard ship videos could also have that button open the normal market directly to the ships so that people can look them up in the market quicker.

CCP removed the in-game browser years ago (believe me when I said this is a good thing). The Flight School videos are in CCP’s official YouTube channel. CCP could post the billboard videos on there, too, if they wanted to :thinking:

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