Scroll bar of window shrinking to 25% of thickness

It might be not a problem but it actually is. The damn thing is playing wack a mole with you when you try to grab it quickly moving mouse from right to left.

Oh it stays visible when mouse is hovering over the inventory window but it goes into 25% thickness the moment your mouse goes outside of the window.

Now try to quickly grab it with mouse moving from right to left. Even so due to animation you can with delay because of it.

Imagine being in pvp and you have all kinds of mess in inventory, and you need to quickly scroll it down. And you can’t because

  1. You need to hover your mouse in order for scroll bar to appear with delay ofc.
  2. Then grab it with mouse and god forbid your mouse will go outside the window boundary then scroll bar just goes poffff.
  3. Due to this thing being utterly annoying you takes hand from mouse and use Page Up/Down

Look it might look nice but it is not functional. Sure you can use search option to find item but if you have multiple items from same category but different names and you need to find them quickly and you play cat and mouse with scroll bar because it keeps going pikaboo with you in order to grab it.

Wish there would be an option to just keep features of new UI and disable the animations or maby customise it as i like new UI but this thing is driving me furious.


You actually only need to move the mouse into the content area with the scroll bar to make it bigger. However, especially in chats, the market, overview, scanner windows and so on this causes a lot of UI flickering due to lots of mouse movement. It’s very much not ideal UI design choice.


It’s one of the (many) issues being raised repeatedly in the big pinned thread about the update that pushed photon UI from opt-in to opt-out. Fortunately, this does mean you can still opt out of it while it’s not even beta-ready but they’re calling it that while thinking “beta” means “ready to force customers to deal with for long enough to find the opt out screen” for some reason. You might want to add your voice to the (many) others mentioning this problem (and other issues) in that pinned message I mentioned. Which includes other people seeing results which seem to probably be caused by this part of the problem:

I’m inclined to think that flickering is probably the cause of… this:

Not the only post mentioning the new UI causing actual pain in that thread, either.

At first glance, if you’re unfamiliar with it - which is most everyone the first time: is that scroll bar handle really a part of a scroll bar? Maybe (in Inventory) it’s a vertical line separating two panes in a window. A purely visual element. I wrote more about this, here.

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