UI design - issues with small windows + chatt scrolling

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o/ Hi. Time is ISK so I will try to get straight to the point…

1. The sell-menu doesn’t scale well.
Like most, I do like to keep menu’s fairly small in order to organize it all and see the rest of my screen and this happens: Album — Postimages [picture: sell item 1]
The selling menu cuts off the numbers over 100m, which makes it tricky to correct, though there is no reason to do so. The yellow square shows where it could be easily enlarged without overlapping and the [total amount] could be easily put 1 paragraph deeper, clearing up even more space!

“but you can make the window bigger” is probably one argument… but this leaves us with this:
[Link above - picture: sell item 2]
This is a deliberate example of how badly the field scales. Yellow boxes indicate wasted space.

Here is My version. Still the same >smallest possible< footprint:
[Link above - picture: My version]

  • [amount] input field is 2x the size
  • the total is underneath (like you’d see on any bill IRL)
  • the number of items is aligned right (like any IRL calculator etc)
  • the corporation account-text doesn’t overlap anymore
  • redundant “Konto HauptKonto” was removed. [aka “account main-account”]

Using the 30% dead space slightly more efficiently you can resolve all issues and enhance comfort.
A few paragraphs and changing the minimum size of the ‘input field’ from 6 to 12 should be all it takes :slight_smile:

2. Chat scrolls when you scroll.
When you are in a busy chat and want to read something the text will keep moving up.
Scrolling up - the text once more will push UP. I find this to be unnecessarily irritating.

In other applications (whatsapp,discord,other games) they solve the problem by freezing scrolling when you scroll. You are roaming old messages and new ones are added without moving the rest.

Once you scroll down to the bottom of messages (aka new messages) they will push the text up again.
This is a basic feature that sadly never made it into Eve. Oddly enough. We got lots to read here :wink:

Scrolling itself is a bit of an aesthetic issue though:
Album — Postimages [picture: jita]
Minimalistic design isn’t always a comfortable design.
As you can see the scroll-bar is tiny and therefore requires unnecessary precision to click and it could shrink down even further given a longer list.

Here is My version [Link above - picture: My Version]
And no, the bar is not shorter on the right, the height is the same, but it’s wide enough to grab.

I recommend locking the size to a minimum height of 20~25 pixels. (the 2nd picture has ~20ish)
You can make the bar move a tad slower in relation to the actual length of the text but if you keep scaling it down proportionally it will end up with 5 pixels in height - which i find unacceptable.

FYI: I just got back to Eve after many years and found a lot of great improvements to the UI which I greatly enjoy -but- I also found a few things that haven’t changed since my first login, which is a bit of a disappointment.

The ‘issues’ I mentioned may seem minor but for those~ who fly and work in Eve all day~ can add up to a lot of annoyance. Who doesn’t chat, scroll, and sell items (in neatly organized windows)?

Each of which you do hundreds if not thousands of times per day.
Needing pixel-perfect precision should not be a requirement for any of those tasks.

Why I hope they will add a few digits to get rid of this once and for all.
Quite frankly this reminds me of the Ad you find in apps. The one too small for our fat thumbs :slight_smile:

ps. …a humble disclaimer in case you wonder ‘Whos that nobody’?

Yes; I am that guy.
Pos features, organized item attributes, and the [Search-Skill] field… < this boy suggested.

That doesn’t mean I know it all, of course, others did bring similar or other great features that made it into the game, just saying that I am keen on doing some good by posting here once in a while, again. I’d love to see more change and continuous improvements in Eve! :]

I like to argue that’s one huge advantage Eve got. This community isn’t complacent and overly nostalgic to the point of crying a wolf like “-but, ‘X’ has always been like THIS and I like it no matter how clunky it is!” < I can’t even express how bad some communities are in this regard. It’s baffling at times.

Why I am glad to be back and see this isn’t still the case here :grin:
Of course a huge shout out to the Devs too. CCP - you are the best :heart:

Once I got back into things I might find something else but~ you guys did a fairly swell job so far… ;p

fs o/

EDIT: https://i.postimg.cc/MZrhtPDP/image.png
This one too. You can NOT stretch it and the AMOUNT of items is lost in the ether.
Meanwhile, the price window seems nice. Giant even.

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