Scroll Speed?

(Blitz Xero4) #1

How do you increase your mouse wheel speed in-game? I have a ton of items in my Item Hangar and it takes a loong time to find what I want.

(Durhur Atruin) #2

Use the search?

Scroll speed is a system setting, not something EVE controls.

(Blitz Xero4) #3

search? system setting?
I’m not sure if you understand.

I said the in-game mouse wheel scroll speed.
Where will I find that option to change it in game?

(Blitz Xero4) #4

I’m finding 3rd party options that enable increased scroll speeds in game. It took quite a bit of time, one tool adds acceleration to your mouse wheel so the faster you spin it the faster you scroll the the list of your stuff.

Are you a member of ISD or CSM? How does one make suggestions for modifications to better the game?

(Memphis Baas) #5

Yeah, basically “system setting” means you control the mouse wheel speed from the Microsoft Windows Control Panel, Mouse applet, not from EVE. Or, as you’ve found out, downloadable apps.

As far as “search”, all of the in-game inventory windows, including your station hangar, have a little box at the top with a magnifying glass next to it; that’s a search box. You can type “shield extender” in there and it will only show you the shield extenders for example. So that you don’t have to scroll.

In any case, if you want to suggest improvements to the game, there’s a Features and Ideas sub-forum that the devs do read.

(Peryn Attor) #6

Use the list tab and sort by slot’. Everything gets grouped by high low etc…

(Boldly Gone) #7

I’ve set up several filters for my item hangar like “low”, “high”, “drones”, “loot”, “ore”, “minerals”, and others. They help to quickly find items in my home station. And after some panicking and swearing I’ve learned to switch them off after use…

(Keno Skir) #8

Sorry i’ll help clarify.

Use the search function in your hanger if you know what you’re looking for.

(Blitz Xero4) #9

The “system setting” is just that, for the system. It has nothing to do with video games or programs that poll info from input devices in a manner different than the system expected.

The search in the client is, as Keno Skir mentioned, only usable if you know what you’re looking for. My list is approaching 500 items and I still don’t know what I’m doing.

The filters Boldy Gone mentioned sound like the best idea, putting everything in a folder.

But it seems silly that I have to ‘click’ my mouse wheel 3 times to scroll 1 row of items in my Item hanger. It should be at least row per ‘click’, and it should allow me to choose how fast I would like to blaze through my items.

I could imagine that’d also be useful doing PvE missions when you have a the smallest window for your Cargo Hold and need to find the Mobile Tractor Unit. Setting up a folder would help, sure, but in the smallest possible window it maybe harder to click that filter. Not only that, people may not aware of filters. Everybody is used to surfing the web. They understand how a scroll wheel works. It doesn’t work as it should in EVE.

I’ll post this to the Features & Ideas forum if nobody has any issues.

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