Speed Macro / Ship Speed Macro

Hello there. As the abyss includes speed boosting clouds the speed settings are useless or and run out of definition.

That means even when i ,set speed" to a wished value this value will be pentalised when drive trhough a speed cloud.

Also the usage of the mouse to set speed is very uncomfortable as u need to move the mouse down to set the speed and with an unacoracy value of clicking u never hit the wished speed setup.

So as i so far need 2 things:

-a setting that allows to set speed to an always constante (even when speed is boosted the ship adjust)
-a macro to press the setted speed

so i imagine a Settings / Navitation therm that goes like:

,Set Speed to" allows to choose a button to activate the speed / allows to set a speed to be constante

this makes it adorable to play with speed clouds. Without it i always need to manualy reset the speed when drive to a speed cloud nevermind i struggle to terminate the actl point where it gets boosted as the cloud has a tricky visualisation of effect horizon. This and the fact that using the mouse is timelasty and userunfriendly causes me to get stressed while playing in the abyss.

I also cant manualy navigate (with mouse) while changing speed (with mouse) so this also reduces my mobility in the abyss.

Thx i hope i get a macro for that soon

-there is alry a macro for full speed and stop ship so this would be a cool adition

I think he means shortcut.

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IIRC you can control your ships speed with the + and - keys on your keypad.

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