Scuicide frig?

Ima getting an alt primed up for some scuicide ganking, I’ve never done it and I’m curious if there is a frig that can scuicide gank other frigs with any success, I was thinking an incursus loaded down with magstabs and sticking to .5 systems. Anyone tried such a thing?

I don’t think there’s a frigate that can produce enough alpha to gank another frigate. A T1 destroyer (except the Corm) is better suited for this purpose.

Atron is the preferred suicide ganking frigate:

There should be some fits in that link you can use. But probably others would work, especially if you get the drop on your target in 0.5 system. An Atron is definitely enough to kill Ventures, and probably other squishy frigates that aren’t paying attention.

Spawn/pull CONCORD first though as you are at a disadvantage to a gank destroyer and might be right on the line so every additional second helps.

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