SDE missing invention data

While working on my program recently I found 4 blueprints with missing invention products. The typeIDs of the blueprints are 25923, 32066, 32068, and 36949. These are the BPs for Small, Medium and Large Drone EW Link Augmentor I’s and Coalesced Element.
All other information appears to be there just not what they invent.

This is probably normal for this item, since it’s not published (see invTypes.published in sde conversion, or published field for types in yaml). You can probably just ignore these.

Did this item have invention in game ? I have it at least for manufacturing, but not invention either.

Thanks for the reply. Didn’t think to look if any were not published. The EW links must not be finished. The coalesced element does not have invention in game. Could be something unfinished? Guess I’ll just have to keep the (if null) check in there.

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