Se7en-Sins - Sov holding Alliance. Recruitment drive now on!

looking for corps join our ranks

allo my friends! We are still looking for good corps. lots of fun things happening

looking for corps to join our ranks

good things happening, join up!

corp alliance come join our group

Drop us a line and say hello!

hello our alliance are looking for corps to join us

Looking for folks to join! Braving the summer doldrums to try and fight some pandas.

corps or pilots come join our alliance today

are we a gate camp alliance? or are we back to miners?

hello we are a gate camp alliance , a null sec alliance , a wh alliance and a ganking alliance all rolled up in one. also we mine so come join us

alliance is looking for more corps join our ranks in null sec

corps come join us in null sec

Still recruiting, Drop us a line.

Looking for more corps to join our ranks

hello looking for corps join our group

join today!

Help us grow.

come join our alliance

Still here, still recruiting.