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There are several keyboard shortcuts in the game such as:
T = info / Alt = look at / w = orbit and so on.
But many of these requires that the player must hold in a key while doing a mouseclick at the desired target. If you want info you must hold T + mouseclick.
So the question is: Is there a built-in checkbox / functionalty so that a player can skip the mouseclick part? For example if player already have an active target selected, then the player can simply press T to get info without need to do an additional mouseclick. Or perhaps even better, just hoover the mousepointer over a target while the player uses a keyboard shortcut.

Anyone know of anything?


Well, there is this thing:
You can use one click on the according button to get what you want - if you have something selected.
Otherwise how should the game know what object you want info about/look at/target/whatever?

Looks to me like two inputs are always mandatory:

  1. Select target
  2. Select option

Btw: If info would displayed on mouseover in a situation like below, I imagine it could put a lot of extra pressure on hard- and software.

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Well, I don’t for example want Info to be auto-displayed simply by hovering the mouse button over a target. And I don’t necessarily want to avoid clicking on a target. What I was wondering was if there is a way to reduce the number of user inputs from 2 down to 1 ?

For example.
Now I must hold the key ‘T’ inn while clicking on a (new) target. OR I must select a target, then press the T-key. That’s 2 inputs from the user. 1 for the ‘T-key’, and 2 for the mouseclick.

If one could hover the mouse over the target and press ‘T’. Then the number of inputs would be reduced from 2 down to 1.

Now I do admit that it looks like a minor, not so important detail. But it does save time. And when hunting down a target or whatever, then time can be quite soooooooooooo importtant…

Ah, I see. Now that sounds actually like something handy.

Just some side info that may or may not be of interest: Certain players with disabilities have been giving CCP very cogent and intelligent feedback on UI issues, on an ongoing basis. And CCP devs have been responding and quietly enacting. The interviews/articles can be seen on the A player collating and reporting issues about the UI, succinctly and cogently. CCP dev listening, and saying “We never knew about that issue. Done, for now. Try it out and let it know if it worked(?)”

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