Secrets Of The Abyss - Event Feedback Thread

Seems someone screwed up while in VIP mode and failed to check if the event actually showed up in the tab…


Silly, Since this is the whole point of today’s release. Surely CCP should have made sure it was working before/after release .


mmmhmmmm nice testing dudes xD

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Could have bin he was doing something else though something that burned his eyes to hell xD

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well all 4 rewards complete and now the wait for a fix xD

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bin waiting for like 30 min already xD

ok errr i click rewards and it takes me to the agancy map nothing else no rewards ?

Keep reading xD you might find it at some point

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Dammit, this is screwing up my lunchbreak. No doubt the event will show in the Agency once my break is over.

When clicking on the InfoPanel, it should open to the Live Event page, however it is not currently doing that (as you have noticed). The fix will be going out shortly and should not require server downtime.



So those Triglavian Trinary Datastreams, do they have a function? Pieces of a puzzle of some kind?

How can I access the event ? It does not appear on “The Agency” panel. Is there a trick to make it work ?

See reply from CCP Dragon just above…

Anything broken?i’M not home,will it be safe to carrier rat when I get there?

Well, things became EVEN BETTER. Event appeared, it shows me that I have 779 POINTS of 1000.

And, of cource, nothing in the Redeem…

Guess they were just trolling you because I still don’t see anything :thinking::smirk:

Try to restart EVE client and Launcher too.

Same problem here. I see exactly the same screen, and I’ve done precisely one dive.

I would REALLY like these cerebral accelerators. But if the reward unlocks are correct, maybe not at the price of diving into Tier 2 and higher abyssals, or trying for a Gravid mutaplasmid.

I lose ships (and pods) in tier 2s, so this event is content only for 6mo ++ players.
GG CCP. Not.

Finishing the tutorial thing does not clear the error…