Securitized/Unsecuritized, Callable (Loan) offering 20/20 shares 1 bil/sh. 6%/3%/5%. 30 days

Securitized/Unsecuritized, Callable (Loan) offering 20/20 shares 1 bil/sh. 6%/3%/5%. 30 days.

There are 20 shares in two Categories at 1 bil per share.

Issue date: day isk or collateral changes hands (US Est. time).
Securitized Share: Category 1 share covered by collateral 3% interest rate 30 days.
Unsecuritized Share: Category 1 share not covered by collateral 6% interest rate 30 days.
Special Securitization Share: Category 2 share issued for collateral 5% interest rate 30 days.

There are 3 ways to participate in this offering.

Category 1
(pool 20 shares, all 20 are available)

  1. You can request between 1-20 Unsecuritized shares (depending on availability) with 6% interest due 30 days from the issue date. I am the sole guarantor.

  2. You can request between 1-20 Securitized shares (depending on availability) with 3% interest due 30 days from the issue date. I am the primary guarantor. In addition your shares are matched with a person offering securitization/collateral.


You can call back your loan at any time. Your isk will be returned to you within 24 hours, however you will forfeit any interest earned if you call your shares early.

If you requested Securitized shares and the person offering the collateral calls his assets back early, you will be paid interest earned to date and request return of collateral. You will then be offered an option to discontinue or renew your loan in a secured or unsecured format.

It may take time to match number of Secured Shares requested with collateral offering.

Category 2
(pool 20 shares) (currently all 20 shares in Cat 2 are open read reply below this post for details)

  1. If you don’t have liquid isk, but assets, you can still earn return on your items.

What does that mean.

That means for every billion in collateral you are issued Special Securitization share on which you earn 5% interest for the duration of the loan, 30 days. At the end of 30 days your collateral is returned to you with 5% interest on the number of Special Securitization shares you held.


Special Securitization Shares cannot be issued without a request for category 1 Securitized Shares.

Since each Category 1 Securitized share is worth 1 bil, high value collateral will be harder to match with Securitized Shares request.

Your items have to be reasonably liquid.

You items have to be in high sec npc station. Not a high sec island

You can call your assets back at any time. However, you forfeit any interest earned if you call your assets early. You are also permanently removed from the pool of future Category 2 participants. I cannot guarantee the return of your assets within 24 hours since they are kept by Category 1 Securitized Share holder.

If you have any questions post here or ask in mail/pm

General Stipulations:

Offering made by Gravel Arnst, therefore isk or collateral goes to Gravel Arnst and is repaid by the same character,

Every time a share is issued I will update the thread. If you don’t want your character name posted please let me know.

Please don’t send me isk or contract collateral until you receive confirmation by mail or here on forums.

General Background: In Eve I am primarily a trader/manufacturer. Do I need the isk from the offering? Yes and No. Yes, it will allow me to take advantage of opportunities that I pass up because they tie up too much liquid isk. No, because I will get same 20 bil within a month on my own. The reason I am doing this is to establish precedence and because it’s more interesting this way.

Since I have not done these before, I am open to constructive criticism. Thanks.

This means Category 2 shares are available 1-20.
If you have items you don’t want to sell but still want to earn return you can buy into Category 2 offering.

Ugh… Are you attempting to get other players to provide your collateral for you? I don’t see you getting anyone to give you anything based on this post. Also your explanation for why you need the isk is extremely poor and doesn’t really make sense either.

No. You misinterpret the Category 2 offer. It simply allows people to use their assets as interest generating additional passive isk without having to liquidate that item. It simply requires an extra step on my part by matching given asset with people providing Securitized loans like Styx Saken

So if I loan you 20B secure. Is that collateral going to be from you or assets you collected from other players?

It would have to come from people interested in Category 2 offering where they want to use their assets for interest generation without having to liquidate their items

So they would contract items to me and i would contract those to you. At the end of 30 day period i would pay your principle + 3% and 5% plus return forwarded assets to category 2 shareholder.

As to what I am going to do with the isk. From time to time opportunities for sizable sell orders come around, however i don’t take them because lead time would be fairly long and I would not be willing to disrupt my regular trade/manufacturing operations by committing too much liquid capital toward that large sale order.

The secondary purpose for this post is to establish precedence. This is an introductory offering giving people who manage sizable corporate assets or liquid isk to dip their toe in the water and find out if I am a reliable person etc. I am also always open to chat via a private convo or via voice comms.

So I didn’t misinterpret anything then. You are taking other people’s assets at a 5% interest rate and using them as collateral to get a loan for yourself self at an interest rate of 3%. So with that being said I have the following questions for you.

What is to stop you from not paying the “secured” loan back since it’s not your collateral?

What’s to stop you from keeping the assets people contract to you?

Would you be willing to provide an API key of your market history?

You understood the offering correctly but you misinterpreted the content.

The statement in non-neutral and imprecise for several reasons. For example, if the offering is filled through category 1 Unsecuritized shares then Category 2 shares cannot be filled. Also I am not attempting to “get other people to provide your collateral” because I end up paying 8% in total on that offering. Instead it means if people are still interested in the offering, but don’t want risk liquid isk, I can take an extra step and look for people willing to issue collateralized loan and match their asset value with a Col loan.
I can also provide my own collateral, but that defeats the purpose of seeking liquidity to scale up my trading operations.

Also some food for thought
That’s plex average % change in price month over month for the past 5 months. It has a steady inflation rate of 8-10% where after slippage and broker fees you can probably get away with around 4-6%
2,072,000.00 2,242,000.00 8.20 4.20
2,242,000.00 2,447,700.00 9.17 5.17
2,447,700.00 2,714,102.00 10.88 6.88
2,714,102.00 2,963,200.00 9.18 5.18
2,963,200.00 3,270,200.00 10.36 6.36

Nothing. However, a long term trading relationship is always more profitable than a scam, that’s why I always available for questions. If someone is interested in the offering, but is hesitant think about what would make you go from being interested to participating. If it is a reasonable condition I will be able to accommodate your request.

If they had perma account bans like they do in Character sales forum for scamming, I would take that stipulation.

No, mainly because I don’t want people entering same space in trading or manufacturing.

I can however post screenshots of past, up to 1000, market transaction. The screenshots will include When and Credit columns. All other columns will be edited out for same reason mentioned above.

Again I didn’t misinterpret anything. Even if I gave you the benefit of the doubt on your intentions with this. What in the world would make you think anyone would go along with this?

Like you said yourself, there is absolutely nothing that would hold you to your word. You created a deal where you are the only person with nothing to lose. Not only that, but you have zero public history of ever taking out a loan before. So at this point your “word” is absolutely worthless because we have no proof you have ever kept a promise before.

"If they had perma account bans like they do in Character sales forum for scamming, I would take that stipulation. "

This statement is absolutely worthless. Again we have no way to check if you are telling the truth lol.

Well, I think I’m going to go ahead and see my way out of this thread. I wish you the best of luck with your scam and I will probably check in to see what happens.

just because you are using a confusing scheme does not mean investors will trust you. Not a single word on your business model, just haze.

And yes, you are making people provide the collateral for other people to invest upon, which is clever. But thats not how “securitized” loans work.

I am thinking of offering 20B for a collateralized loan right now. Do you have collat ready?

Noted, will rewrite the initial post later today to add clarity.

Appreciate the offer. Since I mainly trade and reinvest proceeds into scaling up my operations it makes little sense for me to use my own collateral, since I don’t have unused items laying around.

I been busy last couple of days expanding into new space, however in the next couple of days I will put more effort into finding people willing to trust me with their unused stuff. At that point if you are still interested I may be able to fill your request.

In an unrelated note, I intentionally did not spell out a strategy hoping some of those more inquisitive minds will see and point it out; I guess the salt clouds vision. There are no stipulations that prevent same person from simultaneously requesting Category 2 and Category 1 Securitized shares thus allowing them to collect 8% interest.

Scam confirmed. Listen bud, no lender in their right mind is going to trust you with a 20B loan unless you are able to provide your own collateral. Outside of that, all these other moving parts your trying to add to the deal just make you look like an idiot. Who in their right mind would lend money against their own collateral? Like come on man, are you just dumb or do you think the rest of us are that dumb?