IPO offering - Second Phase FILLED

Cor’El Dahken Offering Plan

Chapter 1 - Summary
Chapter 2 - Background on idea & current business
Chapter 3 - IPO Phases & Dividends
Chapter 4 - IPO Governance
Chapter 5 - The Business Plan
Chapter 6 - Statement of Assets
Chapter 7 - Full Disclosure of Risks
Chapter 8 - Full Disclosure of Main and Alts
Chapter 9 - Exit Strategy
Chapter 10 - FAQ

Chapter 1 - Summary
I am restarting my Hi-Sec station trading operations in Jita and looking to expand to Amarr.

Chapter 2 - Background on origins/idea/current business
I have had some previous experience station trading in Jita making decent returns on approx 50b capital. I am looking to begin again in Jita with a larger capital and include Amarr as a secondary hub.

Chapter 3 - IPO Phases & Dividends
Total Number of Shares
Shares Allocated this offering
Price Per Share
Dividend Schedule
Projected Return per Dividend Payment(%)
-5.0% - 10%
Projected Return per Share
-50,000 - 100,000
IPO consists of 2 phases
-Phase 1 - Shares have already been sold to current investors
-Phase 2 - Shares are being offered to the public

Shares will be virtual, not in game corp shares. And payments will be made manually at the end of each month after recalculating NAV.

Chapter 4 - IPO Governance
I am the sole member of this venture. However like any good businessman i have several other people that i regularly look to for advice and recommendations in regards to station trading.
I will be the only person with access to the funds of this venture, and the only person making final decisions on how funds are allocated.

Chapter 5 - The Business Plan
Station trading
Relatively simple and next to 0 risk. Buy low sell high. I do not have plans of transferring items between Jita and Amarr, but if good opportunities arise I will take advantage of them. Hauling will be done via public contracts and fully collateralized negating that risk.

I have maxed out most trading skills relevant to saving isk and have been working on my standings with Caldari Navy to reduce brokers fees and thereby increasing profit margins.

Items are chosen based on daily isk volume performance and margin, as well as other intuitive factors.

Chapter 6 - Statement of Assets
My current NAV across all characters is approximately 200b.
I also have 100m give or take SP spread across characters that can be pulled in an emergency. (Hit by a bus clause)

Chapter 7 - Full Disclosure of Risks
I am the biggest risk in this venture. Me running with your ISK.
It is not currently in my best interest to do that, as I can make more ISK long term by getting more investors than I can make short term running off with your ISK.
I have been borrowing ISK for most of my ventures since the start of this calendar year and have not shortchanged anyone to date. The value for me is in having your ISK available for me to capitalise on.
In the event i disappear whether through illness or injury, I have a plan in place for someone to gain access to my accounts and pay out investors by any means necessary.
Finally the actual business itself, while it is unlikely that any losses will be incurred station trading it is still possible. With a diverse portfolio hopefully most of those losses will be mitigated and overall profits can be maintained.

Chapter 8 - Full Disclosure of Main and Alts
Full API will be provided to people who are interested in investing.
While most of my characters are involved with a nullsec alliance and that alliance holds all of my APIs as well, this character will be remaining out of that alliance to provide some distance from the politics of nullsec.

Chapter 9 - Exit Strategy
If I feel I am burning out or we are coming to a point most investors wish to cash out, I will simply cancel buy orders and sell the remainder of stock on hand.

Chapter 10 - FAQ
Q: How do I know this isn’t a scam?
A: You don’t
Q: How do you know you’ll be successful?
A: Previous experience with this exact activity has yielded good returns, I do not expect any different this time.
Q: Why are you doing this?
A: To make myself and my investors a lot of isk, and to see how far i can go with station trading.
Q: Do you intend to have an audit done at some point?
A: If that is requested by an investor at some point then it can be arranged.
Q: What’s your background?
A: Trading, Ratting, PI, Industry, and I ran a buyback program once.
Q: Will you ever buy back shares?
A: I am requesting a minimum of 3 months invested after that period I will consider buying back shares.
Q: Will you ever pay over 10% dividends?
A: My projected dividends are based off half of the projected profits per month. To receive 10% then my total profit has to have been 20% for that month.
As my profit increases so too do the dividends

Current IPO position
Total shares issued - 200,000

Martin Hartl - 40,000
Namii Chikyuu - 10,000
Market Alt-Right - 3,000
Roland Razguhl - 75,000
Fazzy Star - 5,000
Kenda deLagrange - 20,000
Alex Calden - 20,000
Slug Stew - 2,000
Batuka - 20,000
Bank McBanks - 1,000
Smiley Cube - 4,000


I vouch for this guy.

I can also vouch for this guy. I have had tens of billions invested with him and I receive prompt payments in expected amounts.

Invested two times with un-collaterised loans and always got paid back in time. Would do again - in fact I am doing it right now :slight_smile:

I too have an investment with Cor’El. Friendly dude, answered all my initial questions well. Asked others about him, everything checked out nicely. And good returns on top of that, couldn’t be more happy.

Can I hire y’all to vouch for me?


Ooooo look at me, i have a load of vouches… get your wallets out then lads.

Would you be willing to give me an API so i can verify your transactions with the names set out below?

I am more than willing to have my wallet looked over by a trusted third party to confirm that I have received ISK from the above characters.

If you are happy for Elizabeth Norn to do so I will hand my API over to them.

Edit: ENorn is looking into and will confirm when happy.

Vouching for this dude

+1 vouch, worked with Cor before and he’s always been solid

Would any of the chaps vouching be willing to give over their API’s?

I can’t speak for the others, but I don’t think it’s too unreasonable for a trusted third party to check their wallet API to confirm their investment history with me. It will just show the mirror of my wallet API though.

But if you have any more questions for me I’m happy to answer them.

I had a look at Cor’El Dahken’s wallet journal API, but due to the limit of one month worth of entries I wasn’t able to see all of the characters mentioned above.

What I did see was one ISK transfer from both Roland Razguhl and Martin Hartl in the tens of bllions range, which Cor’El Dahken told me were further investments (I asked about them because the investment and interest payments didn’t match up date-wise), and ISK transfers in the single digit billions range to those same characters at the end of August. Fazzy Star also sent ISK to Cor’El near the end of August.

There were several other characters who sent Cor’El ISK throughout the last month labelled as investments, and several other interest payments made at the end of August. I didn’t investigate any further.

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This request is still open.

Unfortunately the limitations of wallet API only allows checks to be performed for 1 month previous. ENorn has looked into and reported her findings here.

I am happy to answer any further queries anyone may have.

If you would consider a collateralized loan instead, I’d be happy to help you out - with an interest rate as low as 3%, depending on loan duration and collateral. Feel free to contact me in-game.

Thanks for the offer Styx, but unfortunately anything that could be used as collateral is currently essential to the profits of this project.

If any of the collateral opens up in the future I will certainly hit you up.

I have edited the original post to be more professional and provide more information to potential investors.

I’d be willing to buy some shares if you operate from the Ashab sotiyo :smiley:

Also, if you’re willing I can toggle journal pulls for your eve-mogul account so an approved audit by a third party could be easier going forward, without the 30day limit + filtering tools.

Since the post has been edited, I should mention that I provide regular guidance to the OP for trading and investment strategies, and also confirming that he approached me to cover for unforeseen events that would make him unable to log in.


Original post updated with new investors and amounts.

Currently only 25,000 shares left for this round.

Last months dividends were 8%.