IPO offering - Second Phase FILLED

I would be interested in investing if this was provided.

1000 shares purchased:


Phase two is now filled, thankyou all for the interest.

October dividends paid.

What does this mean, who are the “following people”, and is the current IPO for 200 bn on top of 138 bn? Or is the 138 bn part of the 200 bn?

I can confirm, dividends 5% were received.

Sorry that was worded poorly on my part. The 138B is a part of the 200B and was the sum of my original Phase one investors, that part can now be removed as the full 200B is filled and outstanding at the moment.

Editing now.

Has anyone seen or heard from Cor-El Dahken for 2 weeks? I’m getting a little concerned, especially when I’ve not seen any trade results on EVE-Moghul leaderboards either.

And… Its gone.


Hands up those who believed any of the large investors in this are [actual people / at risk] anyway.

Does @Elizabeth_Norn still have access to his API? Has he extracted his character and bolted?

If some investors are fake, how much is actually at stake here? 25 bil?

What evidence do we have that some are fake? I can confirm I invested 1B, but I don’t have any information to suggest the others are fake. Perhaps if they comment on this thread?

I can log in alts all day and comment.

Not sure if you are claiming he is my alt or not. Well, once again you’re wrong.

Looks like you made another expert investment.

I wonder which of Ranked lists of largest ever MD bond offerings schemes you invested in and lost to turn you into such an asshole, or is that inherent to you?

It comes naturally. Just like your lack of common sense.

Well, looks like the THIRD PHASE is completed as well.

The Third phase being “IT WAS ALL A SCAM”.

So there were a handful of vouches, one of which the only name I’ve really seen around MD is @Fannie_Anathema , any word Fannie?