Security Mission Lvl 2 - SURVEY RENDEZVOUS

This is the mission where there’s a survey ship that’s been attacked and you need to go retrieve the data from it. The agent tells you that you’ll need a data analyzer.

So i kill off all the bad guys except 1 (because a new fleet will warp if you kill all) and I approach the survey ship. I get within 5km per the data analyzer’s ranch and activate it. It pops up a screen like it’s hacking but it never completes the hacking. I get within 1.5km while still activating the data analyzer and it says “you don’t have the right equipment to open the cargo”.

Do i need a stronger Data Analyzer like tier 2? I found a 2 yr old thread about this and it said this mission was buggy but got fixed. Anyone know if there’s a trick here I am missing?
Thanks in advance.

Mission: Survey Rendezvous - EVE University Wiki

Are you used to hacking cans? It’s you who has to “complete the hacking”. A T2 data analyzer is not necessary, the hacking part in security missions is supposed to be rather easy.

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I remember this mission , there is crashed Nestor and you need to blow Rouge Drones there…after , hack a ship. Fit two Memetic Algorithm Banks it should boost Virus strength if you do it correct you going to be able to loot Data Chip for agent. I DO THIS MISSION so probably got only one chance to do it. A mission is giving huge amount of LP and ISK , and i do not think is like Rookie Mission.

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