Survey Mission Rendezvous

I am doing a mission called ‘survey rendezvous’: Find a survey vessel and get their Data dump or if worst gets to worst their black box.

I find the vessel and want to look into the cargo bay, I am not allowed without specialized equipment. So I go back to base and fit a data analyser on my vessel and return. I take me quite a few times to hack the system. When I finally do, there is nothing there (no item). So I think, ok then the black box and fired on the vessel, my guns (and my drones) do 0 damage.

I’m out of option or I miss something… anyone any suggestions?

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Mission is probably bugged, try submitting a Support Ticket about it. CCP is usually quick to resolve mission issues.

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Haven’t done that one in a while, but since ‘black box’ is an option I’d also try a salvager on it. Or just google the mission and see what the normal procedure is.

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