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Looking for pilots across all timezones and particularly AU/NZ :aussiereversecongaparrot:

And another cold day in space, come warm yourself by our home fires…

Do something different, be part of something, come talk to us about your future

All timezones, all the fun of the fair… :timer_clock: :aussiereversecongaparrot:

Calling all god’s… I mean dog’s…

Come have a chat we don’t bite… but we might growl… :hotdog: :dog: :service_dog: :thumbsupparrot:

Happy fanfest weekend… come talk to us about your new forever home in New Eden :dog: :saluting_face: :100: :vulcan_salute:

Another day another chance to find your forever New Eden home, fly with friends, have fun, leave your mark on Eve :100: :vulcan_salute: :partying_face:

Happy Sunday :service_dog: :boom: :100:

Got those Monday blues… gonna go shoot someone… in Eve obviously… :joy: :service_dog: :partying_face: :thumbsupparrot:

Just take 5 minutes to visit our Discord and have a chat about what we can offer… I think its worth your consideration :100: :service_dog: :dog: :hotdog:

Come have a chat, whats the harm :thumbsupparrot: :100: :service_dog:

Its Friday so have a look at what we offer for your next Corp, join us this weekend :dog: :100: :boom: :vulcan_salute:

Come have a chat, we’d give you a coffee if we could… so make one for yourself… :100: :vulcan_salute: :boom:

Happy US TZ… we’re looking at you, come talk to us and see what we have to offer :dog: :hotdog: :partying_face: :100:

Come talk to us… bring your dog… or your cat… :dog: :thumbsupparrot: :100:

Another day another dol… pile of Isk… come talk to us, we may that Eve Forever home you are looking for :hotdog: :partying_face:

Happy humpday :dromedary_camel: come talk to us about finding your forever eve home :dog: :100:

hey are you all still living in null?

Now is the Autumn when your discontent with your current Corp can be made glorious with a change to your new forever Eve home… come talk to us today :dog: :hotdog: :100: :thumbsupparrot: