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This is an old recruit post please find our new one

This was a great Corp back in the day, they deserve a new life

Any old RWD pilots out there you will be very welcome to come back and help shape the future :boom:

Eve’s only Dog (Pilot) Rescue Centre - RE-HOME YOURSELF TO YOUR NEW FOREVER HOME IN NEW EDEN :joy:

Talk to us about the unique experience we can offer returning pilots and slightly fed up/bitter’ish vets. It’s just a conversation and 5 minutes of your time :saluting_face: :vulcan_salute:

Friday vibes with the weekend around the corner… and you could find your new forever home if you check us out :partying_face:

New month, big old moon in the sky… time seems right to make that move to your forever home in Eve… Come check us out :100:

Happy weekend… come fly with us

All aboard the Dog express… puppies welcome :dog: :service_dog: :hotdog:

We are ready to offer you what you need and want from Eve… give us a call

Calling all the dogs and puppies… come home Lassie

Check out our retention bonus scheme for experienced pilots

Be part of something… :100:

COME ON DOGS :100: :dog:

wooby wooby woooo :hotdog:

Happy Sunday all you potential Dogs and Puppies :thumbsupparrot: :vulcan_salute: :service_dog:

Yes… believe… belong… come on just talk to us :vulcan_salute: :joy: :dog:

Lets go people, got fun to be had and ships to be killing… :dog: :joy: :vulcan_salute:

Happy humpday :dromedary_camel: :hotdog:

All we’re asking is 5 mins for a chat… just do it :hotdog: :vulcan_salute: :100: