Seed new modules into market to encourage pvp

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a whole new set of modules that are easily detectable to any pilot without the need for a ship scanner. while the drawback is they are “very detectable” the benefit is its cheap. this could encourage more pvp encounters to happen as well as improve the duel mechanic in the game

(Daichi Yamato) #2

I don’t get how this encourages pvp.

(sisterofeve6) #3

module information window could include “level of stealth” of the module, same could be done with all modules. Level of stealth basically means how hard will it be for your opponent to figure out your exact fit during battle and how stealthy/detectable is the technology you carry on board. future ships introduced could become economical to own since they give bonuses to “level of stealth” when fitting these cheap modules, also this could potentially be a good way to balance alpha clone ships because it would essentially allow them to fly bigger ships but they would mainly have bonuses to “level of stealth”

(Cade Windstalker) #4

You seem to have a view of the value of fitting intelligence that is not really in line with the realities of the game.

If someone is knowledgeable about the ships they’re facing they have a pretty good idea of what’s fitted at the point the first volley makes contact if not before. This has almost no impact on whether or not PvP happens though, unless someone looks at the ship and goes “I can’t take that” and tries to run.

That would, in fact, be the exact opposite of encouraging PvP since the main use of knowing someone’s fit is to know if you should run away from it.

(Chocolate Pickle) #5

Explain to me in direct terms how these new modules are better at encouraging PVP than existing modules.

Basically, tell me what’s wrong with the existing modules.

(sisterofeve6) #6

its intended to be counterfeit cheap modules made out of tape and glue, so its not very reliable in terms of your stealth needs, the technology is detectable even without the use of ship scanner

(ShahFluffers) #7

I do not think you quite understand that there is no such thing as “stealth” in EVE unless you are talking about cloaking devices (or Combat Recons, which have a form of stealth).

People who PvP a lot do not use Ship Scanners. Instead, they can more or less figure out how a ship is fitted based on…

  • the ship type
  • the way it moves
  • the weapons that are fitted

All of that information can be gleaned through the D-Scanner and visually.

However, Suicide Gankers do have scouts that utilize Ship Scanners quite often. And their targets are generally not the kind of people who fit weapons in the first place (see: they are hunting cargo ships and mining barges).

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