Seek the Truth

We are seeking those who want to find the truth -

To this end we devised a test

There are messages hidden in this website

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As if I don’t have enough timers to worry about.

What’s happening on June 3rd and what is the “truth” that you are looking for?


This might be interesting enough, who knows?

I’ll have to check back when that timer runs down.

Ohhhh spooky…

On the off-chance that this is not just some random moron trying to garner enough attention to feel like they aren’t a waste of biomass, know that the cluster stands almost uniformly opposed to you and the corpse-pilfering omnicidal monsters whose imagery and name you are borrowing.

I wonder how much the Convocation would award me for you…

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Alright, alright!

Let’s see what new madness you think you’re hiding…

Cool. A mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Is the test that dumb alphabet substitution? Because if so ‘SEARCH THE DARK FIND THE TRUTH’

That took what, all of 5 minutes?

You’re missing the bottom half. Here, I spliced it up.

Oh maker, who designed this shoddy page? It can’t even fully show up in my monitor…

What a waste of time, was ERILA SEVEN MOON ONE, nothing here.

Your test sucks.

You haven’t passed it


Huh. All it was showing before was a plain blue background with a timer counting down.

Too bad.

Probably whatever it is will be there when the timer runs out. Duh.

I assumed as much. Must be a test of patience in which my success depends entirely on how bored I will be when the time comes.

Given the atrocious page design and amateurish cryptography though, I don’t have terribly high hopes for this.

Even with that it’s above the effort level of at least nine capsuleers out of ten. So I’m at least curious.

The first Seeker has entered the domain - So I offer this to other seekers “Sometimes in our minds image of the truth. We must zip away our bias. So we can find clarity in the dark.”

What truth? Your truth? My truth? Our truth?


Every individual’s mind’s image of truth.

Learn proper syntax you hack.