[YC 124 NEWCWC "the truth is out there."]

[A post found on an IGS fringe conspiracy theorist forum. The usename, somantic-hax, seems to have something of a sordid history with his fellow conspiracy buffs. His reputation isn’t terribly good on this particular message board, and more intrepid, information gathering capsuleers would find much the same across both Dark IGS sites, and the general IGS. He appears to be something of a troll, though this one particular post includes a TTIN hash that surprisingly verifies as valid against Torchwood’s public database, though the signature places it coming from the now-defunct remote planetary installation on New Caldari. The same one terminated by nuclear failsafe, several years back.]

alright you fedo dweebs. you think ur so smart huh? thnk ya got all the answers? fine, ill give you a little piece of the wisdom of somantic! u dweebs cant even imagine my treasure trove. want proof that torchwood theory from a few years back was a wrecking hit? check this s__t out, then bow the f__k down dweebs.

ps: check out product reg no. T12-2203-5r55 in the State database… sure it don’t say DD-201 anywhere, but just fkin’ read it dweebs. like ffs. why are you idiots always so blind??? drone modified sansha implants for the spai market??? U still gonna stay asleep?.. we all know those torchwood f__kers are already infected by the drones… next is us. then we all just drones for drones like the trigs and sansha already are. New eden is f__ked unless you open your dweeb eyes stupid nuggets.

i don’t see any bowing yet dweebs, you know my wallet id. pay ur god like the good little newbies you are.

[Attached is a message and 3 files, two of the files are corrupt beyond repair, but one is at least partially intact]

To: Admiral EveningStar (fleetadmiral@TTIN-ADMIN)
CC: Director Ravenholme (headofresearch@TTIN-ADMIN); Research Team 2 (RTeamList@TTIN-RESEARCH); [NAME CORRUPTED] (ROUTE CORRUPTED)

From: INTERNAL SOURCE – [Network not available. Please connect to a TTIN network access point to refresh this information.]

Subject: Re: Preliminary DD-201 write-up for Chief Executive Panel brief

As requested Admiral, I’ve completed a basic overview for the less technically inclined board members, as well as full data sheets and a white sheet package for the opposite. I believe the CEP will find this sufficient for their purposes. Our full research submission for safety and regulatory compliance is still ongoing; there’s a lot of fringe and cutting edge science to break down, but it will be ready by the submission deadline. If there’s anything else I can help you with Sir, please let me know.

Okasvio Togami,
Sansha R&D Division,
The Torchwood Institute

CONFIDENTIAL: This message and any data files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this message in error please notify the system manager or sender. This message contains confidential information and is intended only for the individual named. If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.

‘Deep Dive’ Anti-Sansha Ops Implant & Conditioning Suite (DD-201)

Designed from reverse engineering Sansha slave implant fragments, the Deep Dive Suite is designed to not only allow a covert operative to withstand Sansha brainwashing techniques (used in conjunction with their slave implant technology) but mimic the proper responses to simulate a fully complaint individual.

Stage 1 (Capture and pacification process) defenses are attained through highly advanced memetic filtration systems as well as a 30-day advanced interrogation resistance course. This allows individuals to resist initial brainwashing attempts used to allow smoother integration of the slave implants.

Stage 2 (Implantation) defenses are the core of the ‘Deep Dive’ Suite. Using a combination of nano-scale micro-implants spread throughout the body as well as dormant nanites placed in critical brain areas, the ‘Deep Dive’ system is able to hijack and repurpose the slave implants as they are being put in place.

Each micro-implant acts as a single cell of a multi-processing computer, capable of attaining high level computing potential while using only trace amounts of energy, rending each hub nearly undetectable by most medical scanners. These hubs then direct the nanite swarm to modify each implants firmware while they’re still in a vulnerable write-state for implant synchronization and optimization. This bypasses the need to defeat complex Sansha encryption by using a MITM-style attack for back door insertion and firmware jailbreaking. From this point on, the Sansha slave implants will seem to function as normal, and even have the appropriate security certificates, biometric unique identifiers, and cellular bond identifiers Sansha security protocols use.

On the user side however, the operative is able to pick and choose which thoughts are shared and which aren’t by using an intuitive user interface compatible with most modern Neocom interfaces. If the operative has the opportunity to interface with a larger system, such as a ship’s AI or other sufficiently powerful data processing system, they can simulate thoughts they wish to broadcast to the Nation collective consciousness, allowing for the planting of misinformation and false trails.

Please Note: These capabilities should be used with extreme caution. Given the nature of the Sansha Neural Network, any piece of false information that can be verified by any node on the network will lead to immediate cover failure of the covert operative, and likely immediate capture or death. We recommend this as a last resort counter-measure only. When implemented, keep data points vague, as localized as possible, with a small metrics footprint.

Stage 3 (Discovery) defenses are taken straight from the Nation’s own playbook with enhancements to maximize collateral damage. If the user activates their Neocom’s kill switch, or if the nanite hub network detects intrusion or other security failure indicators, it will release a high potency neural toxin (to spare the operative undue distress) and initiate the Sansha implants own neural burn (it should be noted the burn-scanner is forceably disabled, as such there can be no download or ressurection if this occurs, capsuleers should have a current backup, and non-capsuleer operatives should be considered highly expendable). Once this process is completed (approximately 3 nanoseconds in current release, future releases such as our DD-203 will boast an improved burn time of 1.2 nanoseconds), the hubs will begin agitating their molecular structure (using proprietary Institute nanotechnology) until a thermal chain reaction occurs with the aim of incinerating the operative and anything within the destructive heat radius. Peak temperature and distance varies on user’s dimensions, worn equipment, presence of accelerants or explosives, and so on. Peak temperatures recorded in testing so far have been around approximately 1000 Celcius, but results will vary widely.

The following technical documentation will outline the precise details of all pre-requisite treatments and equipment, but this implant set is highly recommended for capsuleer use, as they need no special pre-conditioning to make use of the technology. Additionally, capsuleer Neocom interfaces are particularly adepts at command and control of this system thanks to AURA’s capabilities. That said, this operative suite was designed to be used by any sufficiently healthy and well trained covert operative.

We would also like to note that, although we’ve applied a great deal of Sansha techniques and principles to these implants absolutely no actual Sansha code or hardware has been implemented in this technology suite. As always, the Torchwood Institute recommends strongly against implementing Sansha technology directly in any shape or form unless you are an experienced capsuleer.

Below is the exact technical specifications of the implants as well as the injecドeリフターtion pro ʎ for in死iを夢tialるwaथ d333dec.file.font ‘azimu-%%ployment of strouvez-nouۼ𕬸 swarm.

[ ERROR – File corruption detected – Unable to restore, please connect to a TTIN network hub to refresh or repair this data.]

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