Seeking a Tenal Mining CORP

Hi, i was for some months renter of Rate My Ticks in Tenal Area. My internet Connection is Very bad lately and i cant do many things in my own space, then i go to stop renting a system myself.

Interested in joining a WERMT Corp, i am a industrial / PI / miner mostly, and already sold my other characters for the internet problems, currently interested in stay with two characters and one in Pandemci Horde, all same accounts

Looking a Tenal Area because i have some items, but can move to other Rate My Tickets Area. Can provide Full Api and you can see in my mail i am saying the true and dont rent more for my internet connection.

Greetings, capsuleer, thisis De Obliviator Preon speaking. You are invite to check out Obsidian Acquisitions. The only things we will need to know is how much you are involved in game what are your main goals and how long have you been playing. Our goals are not considered on mining, and we do not have have many people in our alliance just yet, but as soon as we will get it started on full, I am sure you will be able to find yourself mining companions and friends. Please look us up in game. I made a cool speech there for a reason.

You should try the FUCSS as we are in Cobalt Edge right next door to Tenal.

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