Seeking input on how effective I was in this battle

This involves my last 13 kills from last night. All kills occurred in L-C3O7. I’m trying to understand if I made an effective bombing run on a fleet fight where I was a total 3rd party.

Longer version…
I like bombers. I like trying to quickly line up a bombing run, bombing, impacting a fight, and surviving to bomb again.
The problem is, I’m not with any fleet in the fight nor am I on either side’s comms. As such, I have no clue if I am successful. Many times I won’t even get on a Killmail which means I know I failed. Last night, with landing on 13 kills, was probably my best bombing run so far.

Now I can tell I ended up in a fight between Brave Newbies and Pandemic Horde. I saw local spike, got into position, and saw bubbles go up. I bombed towards the fleet trapped in the bubble (Sorry Brave, would have preferred to hit the horde but such is life). I managed to bomb and warp.

I can tell who I hit and eventually died, including the saber bubbler, one logi, and other ships. I even managed to get decent damage on many ships (top 6 at least on most). But what I can’t really tell is if my bomb was a nuisance and didn’t matter or if it impacted the course of the battle.


Maybe you freaked out the Talwar pilot, but everything else was sub 10% damage done. Only people who would really know the answer to your question would be the ones in the fight. That said, tagging 13 ships with a bomb probably did not go unnoticed.

I think so too. It is very difficult to tell how your impact was.

That being said, how would you determine success in that situation? Depending on the ship size, you will make an impact but how that plays into the fight is hard to tell.

Just out of curiosity, which bomber do you prefer?

Yeah I think I will have to evemail people on the fight. I may have done nothing or ust speed up one fleet’s death which was inevidable. But this is why I’m asking because i’d love to know.

As for which bomber, they all have advantages. I picked the hound because I get the best speed while cloaked without hurting the fit. That helps get in position to bomb and warp the best.

That said, it seems to have a weaker cargo capacity. With a purifier I can get an extra bomb in the hold with no issues but less cloaked speed.

I guess you are right. I don’t fly them very much and the last time was on the last SiSi mirror where I updated my fits for them.

I hope you get the answers, you were looking for.

A single bomber is not going to affect a battle very much, unless the fight is absolutely equal and you AOE-damage can push one side over the edge.

The best way to use bombers is in a fleet.

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