Op Success or Not Op Success?

Last night in EVE we formed to pop an enemy Raitaru that was anchoring. We were super excited as we undocked 5 jumps from our target to go hit it in its final anchoring vulnerability window. As we jumped the first gate our entire fleet was slaughtered by overwhelming firepower from a third party t3 cruiser fleet that cynoed in.

After killing us, they went on to kill the Raitaru. I don’t believe the t3 cruiser gang would have come to the area had we not formed.

So… Op Success?


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Failure, as it wasn’t your fleet that did the job

Sounds like a great victory. You should build a statue.


Maybe we’ll deploy a Raitaru in celebration.

It is a tactical loss but a strategic victory. You lost the tactical mission of your fleet killing the structure amd returning home intact. However, your strategic aim of killing the structure was a success.


Scouts are a thing?

They cynoed into system as we undocked.

Sounds like a solid success to me

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Sounds like you got a spy in your fleet…

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There’s always a spai in fleet.

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