Seeking Khanid and Ammatar cultural attaché counsel

While I have visited and spent time amongst the people and places of these cultures, I would wish to receive expert advice for formal and informal etiquette as I conduct more business ventures in the regions. Especially on matters of engaging in conversations about pius prosecuting of the Reclaiming.


Are you clean of any clownish body imprints?
Have you read the scriptures?
The only pure Scripture is holded by @Gheinok the First…

Clownish body imprints? Do you mean of un-humble and dis-modest style and expression, in form of dress and shameful self-mutilations? Or some other equally disturbing manner, like those illegal and invasive Egonics monstrosities that warp the mind? Regardless, no, to all such things.

Of course, and always, as I continue through the volumes, keeping to the daily readings all year about with the 5th of August starting the cycle anew.

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