Seituoda Eskeitan! Announces FAP initiative through SIMP


Samanuni III – Wiyrkomi Orbital

For Public Release

The news of the recent brutal occupation of the Intaki system and surrounding constellations by Federal military killers and Black Eagle thugs has sent waves of apprehension and concern for the Intaki people throughout the State who still remember the atrocities committed by President Luc Duvailer and the Federal government who also sought to curtail the freedom of the Caldari people through the bloodthirsty application of violence.

Tyrants such as President Aguard may think their cynical use of force will cower others into submission and indecisiveness but we here at the Seituoda Eskeitan! Holo Idol group have instead chosen to act in order to help our friends and fans in the Federation who now languish under the jackboots of Federal military occupation.

We at Seituoda Eskeitan! Are proud to announce the beginning of the Foreign Affairs and Personnel (FAP) initiative organised through the Seituoda-Intaki Mutual Partnership (SIMP) fund. The purpose of the FAP initiative will be to ensure the safe conduct of refugees and asylum seekers in the Viriette and Fislipesnes constellations escaping Federal persecution and violence to the Caldari State where they will be provided the housing, medical care, and social support they would otherwise lack under the Federal regime.

Those desiring to access FAP initiative relocation services will find relevant links and information on the Seituoda Eskeitan! Official QuafeStream and GalNet sites where representatives stand ready to assist those requiring aid support in the affected regions.

Exciting new opportunities also await those of military age between 16 to 45 years old accessing FAP services. Becomes just like your idols in Seituoda Eskeitan! And experience the camaraderie and friendship in a corporate military academy where you will be taught the Caldari language, culture and traditions in addition to small unit tactics and firearms handling before being given the opportunity to serve with corporate partners in the Seituoda Taskforce Command.

You might even meet the sweetheart of your dreams!

It is hoped through these services that the FAP initiative will extend the hand of friendship between Caldari and Intaki in a firm and unshakeable grip!


Tsuneshi Ryuzouji

Managing Director

Seituoda Eskeitan! Holo Idols


It is good to see opportunists never miss an opportunity to be opportunistic.

I commend the initiative, honestly. Any individual not wishing to be part of the Federation is free to leave and if this service is their chosen method of doing so, I wish them well.

There will never be anything wrong in providing Intaki fans of Seituoda Eskeitan! The opportunities in the Caldari State they can no longer find in the Federation!

Is the Exclamation Mark in “Seituoda Eskeitan!” a Normal part of the Title ?

It is Unusual for Businesses to have such Punctuation in their Name.

Is it a Federation military age? That gap looks suspiciously narrow.

The age cohort between 16 to 45 remains the core viewer demographic of Seituoda Eskeitan! It was decided this age cohort would be the most useful in providing Intaki linguistic and cultural expertise in the event of any escalation of conflict between State and Federation.

I approve of the initiative, goals and potential outcome. I do not, however, approve of the acronyms although I find them hilarious.

Also, am I the only one to think that our military minimum age is a tad too low?

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist strongly protests this latest abuse of the Achiran people at the hands of their Caldari overlords. The Achurans are a beautiful people with a lost martial heritage who deserve more than being an object of SIMP and FAP for lecherous Intaki subhumans who stand condemned by God for their crimes against the Khanid.

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There is nothing lecherous about our Intaki fans! We promote only healthy parasocial relationships with our corporate idols through respect and family values at Seituoda Eskeitan!

It’s funny because it’s smut.

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