Selected destination not found in system

Trying to find a refinery to a hybrid reaction, I located 8 - 10 Oolong Observatory in Basgerin (0.4),
owned by Common Point Firille Campus. I set the destination, but on arriving in the system could not find the Athanor station. The destination is still selectable for navigation, but in-system points to a particular location in orbit around the sun, but there is no station there.
Has the station perhaps been destroyed recently, and Eve navigation not yet updated? Can that happen?

Check if you have Docking access in the Struktures Infotab - if not, you can not see the Facility in your Overviev

Where is the Structures Infotab? In system, although the destination appears in my route listing, top right says ‘No Object Selected’.

You know the Name of the structure i asume, search it in the universal Search Tool in the upper left Corner…

Yes, as stated in my OP. 8-10 Oolong Observatory. Weird. Nothing found in general search. Yet it’s listed when searching Industry services, and I can select it as a destination. I tried the name with and without spaces between the numbers and hyphen, and without the numbers.

It’s an Athanor, right?

Can you see it on D-scan in that system? (Might need to warp around if the system is big).

And can you find the blue structure icon in space, (on the skybox, just like anomalies)? If yes, try warping to it.

The location you warp to is in orbit around the sun, you say? Is it the same spot you land at when you warp to the sun perhaps?

I wonder if the owners of that structure have somehow managed to anchor the Athanor inside the sun or something, if that is even possible. It would explain why you land at the sun rather than at the athanor. If that is the case, you should see the structure on short range dscan from the sun.

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