Selecting target from watchlist

Sometimes I can’t select someone from my watchlist and warp to them. If I go to fleet window I can right-click and the “warp to” option is there but it isn’t available when I right-click the same person in the watchlist. Sometimes it works and sometime it doesn’t. What is the mechanic?

Could be that the person you are trying to warp to is not in the same system as you, or is docked in Station/Structure.

don’t think so–I can right click and warp to him from the fleet window. But I have to switch to the fleet window from my PVP window, then sort it by name, then select warp to, then go back to my PVP window. Kinda defeats the purpose of the watch list.

EDIT: it doesn’t happen all the time. But when it does, I can warp from the fleet tab as above

I’ve seen something similar with the new structures. When right-clicking into the space and trying to warp or dock at a structure is there no entry for it. But when one opens the info to the structure and right-clicks on the top-right corner of the window then there one can select warp and dock. One can then warp, but docking still doesn’t work and it will say that one needs to get closer.

This appears to be happening when the structure is on the same grid, meaning somewhere nearby at a 1000km or so.

There might be a check in one of these menues, which hasn’t been updated after the change to the grid size, or something like this.

Can you say if the fleet member is close by and on the grid, but at a distance of more than 100km when this happens?

Have had this happen when on grid with Fleet. Could not warp to a member 300km away via the watch list but could through the fleet list :sadparrot:

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This is due to Access Control List (ACL). If you do not have docking access the option to dock will not show in the Right-Click menu nor in the radial-menu. Also if you do not have docking access to a Structure it will not show on your overview until you are on-grid with it.

No, it’s always with public ones where I know I can dock. It’s like I wrote it. It works when one first opens the info to the structure and right-clicks on the top-left menu on the info window, where it then offers “warp” and “dock”. Only the right-click menu in space does not offer it, which is obviously a contradiction and regardless of what the docking rights would be (if the structure was inaccessible would I then not expect to see a “dock” and “warp” on the info window).

I’ve been using the info window to work around this for a while now. It seems obvious enough as a bug that it will probably get fixed soon.

This is wrong, as Whitehound said above it happens with Public structures at random, but i will go so far as to say its very rare but occasion this occurs with private structures that are blue and you are on the ACL lists(i know cause im a manager or owner of them) and they do not always have to be on grid…they can be on the other side of system several AU’s away an you have to click “warp to” in the right click menu or target selection box to get to them.
And sometimes you have to find them in space, right click show info and from the info screen click warp to or dock to get to them.

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It seems the issue with the structures happens far more often when I’m flying a freighter than a frigate. No idea how the ship type could have an effect here.

My original problem continues. More often than not there is no “warp to” option when I right click someone in the watchlist but I can right click and warp to the same person using the overview or the fleet member list. Maybe I should just submit a trouble ticket?

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