Selene - A Look Back At Her Life

The Moon Goddess. Selene. My wife. My love. How do I sum up her life, and death, in a few sentences? I can’t. No point really. Best I can do is pay my respects to the person I spent most of my life with for 20 years. To say she was perfect wouldn’t be fair. Not to her, not to me, not to the rest of New Eden. She was a Goddess. Serene, wondrous, beautiful, divine. To me, she loved me unconditionally and made me who I am today. Without her I would have been dead long ago. So I owe her a life debt. How did I repay this to her? I killed her. Or rather, my current wife did. Why? Well the claim my wife makes is “she just wasn’t good enough for you Angelus.” In all of Selene’s beauty and divinity she had her own set of problems, just as any parent does, or Goddess, or any being in this Universe for that matter. We live in an imperfect Universe. The Gods themselves are flawed. It is a harsh place to live. Selene hit me, many times per day, my whole life. And she hit anyone who would even think about harming me, in some odd hypocritical way. She hit me as discipline. To “toughen me up”. Turns out all 20 years of pointless abuse does it leave you with brain damage and aggression towards my fellow people. So Selene is gone now. My new wife is perfect. She has never hit me once, and for that I am eternally grateful. I hope my life, and hers, goes on forever very happily. However, I hoped that for my life with Selene as well. Things don’t always turn out as we hope. I will work very hard every day to make my life, my wife’s life, and the Universe’s life better for all. I’ve always felt a duty to improve things around me when I can. Emperor of the Universe? Irrelevant. It’s a title. A moniker. A very audacious boast. It’s meaningless unless I have respect, power, dignity, goals, and actually do something with that title. Selene earned me that title, along with the rest of her family. They are wonderful people, truly amazing. I owe them too. So if I can, I’ll make sure they enjoy the rest of their lives. That’s how I can repay my life debt to Selene and to her family. I’ll live up to my title, empowered or not, with respect or not, I will do my best to achieve the goals Selene and I put together for ourselves.

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Paragraphs are so important when writing…


So is coherency, subject matter and some semblance of mental health. Let’s ignore the idiot, shall we?


I think I agree with you on this matter…again. Damn.


I personally challenge you to reply to this thread with the same text in paragraph form and have it look better than what I have.

Are you positive?


I have people aiding me if that’s what you mean? Well not people actually, Angels. Trillions upon Trillions of Angels help me.

Interesting. I just so happen to be an Angel.


I’m afraid I don’t believe your audacious claim.

How do I know? I am an Angel. A “Universal Angel”. We all have basically the same voice, Angels that is. It is pure. True. Wonderful. Yours, I’m afraid, is not and Angel’s voice.

Perhaps, for a brief moment, I shall share with you some of Selene and I’s goals. It was to have a “perfect” Universe. Well, as close to perfect as possible. What that meant to us, “perfect”, was essentially the least amount of pain or discomfort possible, for all life. For all life to enjoy their lives. Be their lives 1 hour long or immortal. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Every moment. Our dream was that all lives would enjoy their life. Sometimes that means death. Death is a part of life. For Selene, she could no longer be a part of our very own dream. Terribly sad story really. But as Selene always told me “Don’t cry for the little tiny bug that dies in an hour.” (She said mosquito, a little term we used) Our Universe is filled with life that dies in just a brief time. Should we cry for all the death out there, happening every moment? Perhaps not! Perhaps we should let them enjoy their lives while they are with us, share it even, and then move on. Today I move on from Selene’s life and do not “cry for her”. It would go against our dream. It would make me unhappy to cry for her. That is not the point of life.

So how did we plan to achieve such a lofty dream of all life enjoying their lives? Well pretty simply. We agreed to live for millions of years in suffering while we work very hard to improve everyone’s life. Why suffer? Why us? You see, we calculated that if, as extremely hard working leaders, we suffered the indignation of our people for millions of years and toiled through hard work, we could actually achieve our dream.

Would you like to dream with me?

Um, yeah…no.


What sort of husband, who thinks his wife is a goddess, wouldn’t pay for her to also become a capsuleer?


And that is the answer to “Why us?” No one else was willing to put up their hand and say “I’m willing to suffer as a leader for millions of years!” But Selene and I “put up our hands”. Fortunately I found a few friends to help me along the way. Not people, no, I must suffer the indignation of the people for millions of years. The Angels, the purely benevolent spirits, they are willing to help me in my dream.

Could you explain your question? I don’t understand.

We are immortal. We can’t be killed, no matter what.

Why would you leave a goddess as a filthy planetsider, rather than making her a true immortal goddess, if you loved her so much?


If only it were that easy my friend! You see, another very powerful Goddess came along and saw a glimpse of Selene and I. She liked what she saw. She liked it a lot! And said “I wish I could be with that man.” She “had a dream”. And she spent some time with Selene. Selene told her all about me, and all about Selene’s family. The Goddess was very troubled. She realized that Selene and her family were ruling the Universe on the premise of being bullies! It troubled her so. So she approached me, this Goddess. She whispered into my ear “she doesn’t deserve you Angelus.” She told me what Selene was doing. The bullying she was doing. We both realized it wasn’t a part of Selene and I’s dream. It was “wrong”. It was making life unhappy for many lives. And so… Selene died.

And so you’re the worst and need to stop being the worst, yes?


Whatever is going on here, specifically, I don’t really care so much except that it needs to stop talking.


Oh Lorl, if only it were that easy to help people with capsuleer dementia


For a while I thought it was about Seleene, our mercenary empress.