I’m interested in self-sufficiency, but I have never used industry before, barely mined, etd.

So, if I want to get self-sufficient, what do I need? How does someone go from visiting Jita and buying their stuff, to going to their base and making it themselves?

Is it impossible? Just too much capital investment into each supply line that you can’t possibly supply everything and make everything you would need (even in a very modest play style?)

Or is it completely possible, even within reach of a small corp?


It’s possible, but pointless. The minerals are worth the same isk, whether you buy it or mine it - “self-sufficiency” is just roleplay speak for subbing out a lot of manhours for a little isk.

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Well I don’t mean it rollplay, I wanted to know if it’s feasible to live in W-space without ever coming back to K-space…it’s hard to tell from the tutorials. For instance are there NPC stations to buy stuff from? Etc.

“It’s possible, but pointless”

Well if you have to do logistics in W-space, where do go? Does it HAVE to be K-space?

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You can get ice from shattered WHs for fuel, but you will never be able to make T2 items without importing from k space


Jita trader, a few skills and some capital to start. Go through entire list of items look for stuff that moves and has a good profit.
100% safe good money. I know it’s modest but I made 70 mill on first night.

Thanks, this helps me learn more about industry in general which isn’t why I made the thread only about W-space.

How difficult is it to get what you need, to build the base needed, to make even T1 boats?

My thing is I use 1 of the 3 slots as a jita trader and have my indy and pvp guy on the other slots, works well and gives you more to do.

K so if it’s not viable to really self-sustain, then what would need to happen to even try?

For instance if I want to ONLY live out of an Imicus with scanner fittings. What is needed to build those things?

Where do I even go to find out that kind of stuff?Like resources needed and structures needed to build stuff. A tech tree.

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I think you just buy a blueprint, probably a researched BPC and mine the ore. Setting sights rather low? I believe you construct stuff in NPC stations?

I am a minimalist. But, it’s also simplifying the “how-to”. I don’t even know how to build things. I figured you need 3 parts.

  1. Blueprint.
  2. Access to a station with CERTAIN facilities (I don’t know what those would be).
  3. The requisite resources/training what-have-you.

In W-space, those seem very prohibitive, where do you keep BPs? A library? How do you access a station with necessary facilities? Can you build your own? Are all the resources need minable in W-space?

The personal goal here would be, if I could build a shack for 30 mil isk, make Imicus out of it, and pack-up shop or squirrel-hide some bug-out-bags for if my shack gets exploded. Then I can become a nomadic wormholer who just travels and lives off the land.

But I can’t do that if:

  1. It costs a buttload.
  2. It’s not possible because there is no such shack, or NPC station, or etc…to build from.
  3. You can’t get enough resources to even build a fully fitted Imicus.
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I don’t think it is possible to do that in w-space. I k-space you would buy your BPO and find a NPC station with research facilities and let your BPO research to perfect values (ME10 TE20).
Then you take your blueprint to a station with manufacturing facilities - there are lots of those.
Mining is trivial but you can only get some minerals like Megacyte in nullsec ores, so you would be dependent of buy orders.

If you think about it, it is THE reason why nullsec is so popular - you have everything you want and more at your doorstep and never ever have to go back.
All you need to do is to agree with a Lawyer, who likes himself very much, and sell your soul to goons.

In w-space there are no stations, only citadels and those usually don’t allow any public access to their facilities, so no making ships there.

So unless you take that small engineering complex with you, you cannot do it.

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So are the buildings generic?

One research facility gives you values to any BPO?
One manufacturing facility lets you build any BPO you have resources for?

Yes. The NPC station have both ME and TE research for all BPO’s but you have can only do one research job on the same blueprint.

You cannot make super capitals even if you have all the materials but you can manufacture everything else you have a blueprint and the materials for.
In the case of NPC stations, they give you a tiny material bonus if you happen to have good standings with the corporation the station is from.

Awesome thanks. And I did see that you can throw down a basic structure too and add rigs(?) Do do the services NPCs would provide?

And that basically you can get all the functions into one structure?

If you mean citadel then yes you can BUT since you said, you wanna do all of this by your lonesome, I recommend that you don’t get a citadel for yourself since you have to defend it and anchor it for 1 week and take it down after 1 week or get it killed by anyone who is in the mood to kill it just because.

Hi there . As a player been into industry for almost a year, I learned that the time you spend mining and exploring to get stuff don’t raise your profit margins so high, it’s a matter oh man-hour relation. also depends if you doing t1 or t2, have alts or not, etc. If you want some tips, plz mail me, we have some industrialist that would be glad to help. ( Also being set sufficient into t2 Indy require tons of skill and time) .

Well the video I watched showed a structure. The guy’s accent was bad so I think it was called a Red Arrow?

But anyway. It wasn’t a citadel but has a ship bay. And could do production. It seemed it could build everything needed. And was an all in one. And entry level.

So answering the question. Of what structures are needed…pretty much any will do?

Eve university websites are your friend.