Sell Alpha Account

In order to subsidize the cost of providing free game access to Alphas I think CCP should sell the email list to marketing companies.

The customer is the product in the free business model yes???

There are Alpha players who do go Omega so I don’t think it’s a good idea.


This is correct.

inb4 shits starts flying all over place…

obvious trolling and terrible way to start pointless fight


The customer is the product” is a real business model, whether it is right for CCP is to be discussed.

Anyone who is unsure what I mean by that might want to check out Social Dilemma

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It’s the whole basis of commercial television and radio, both deliver the audience to the advertiser; for a price.

There is no free lunch

True, they could put an ad when Alphas undock that would take say 30 seconds.

That would allow them to even sell the time like a TV commercial.


Much more reasonable. I agree with that idea. Don’t want to pay? Fine, watch this crap before your fun, haha!!

PS: An ad followed by Omega sale offer :wink:

Alphas are content for omegas and help to keep economy spinning. You might not like the idea of free trial. But there is not much difference between current alpha state and trial time before. You could easily make enough in game currency to plex account even in 14 days.

That aside, whole idea of email spam as some sort of punishment for playing the game is pathetic and dumb. There is no revenue from mail spam. People who care will use alt emails, people who don’t care will ignore spam. It’s same thing as with adds on internet websites. They no longer works and no longer give any reasonable income. Oh, wait we don’t talk about revenue but way to punish players

Monetizing a free customer base is hardly punishing, don’t read things into it.

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