Sell Character 27.4kk SP

sec 5, YF-P4X, wallet 690k
w8 ur Offers.

Offer 15b.

Please update with all required information, as per CCP Rules

sorry, my English bad, and i can’t find rules.

You’re gonna get your post removed then

i will just tell you what to put in im not going to troll you

security status
located in (system )
that you follow ccps rules regarding paying transfer fee
if you have a positiv wallet
and if you have killrights
that is about the main things you need to add

and a bit of advice add it as a rorqual pilot its not perfect but it is a rorqual pilot

can send 18b rn

18.5 Bil

Buy cheap extract skills sell more expensive.
Nice Try

At 18.5bil if he extracted and sold he would make a loss, not profit.

Given that, 19bil offer

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