Sell or reprocess calculator

Hi, Is there an online calculator whereby you can paste a bunch of items in (like evepraisal format) and it tells you if it is better to reprocess or sell that item?

What i do in game, if i see the exclamation point, i sell the item, if i dont, i reprocess.

If your skills arent at L5 and you dont have your standings at 6.5 effective with the corp that owns the station
most often its better to sell

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Keep in mind that your time and other in-game activities are often more valuable than worrying about the max profit from individual items.

Things you can do to cut down on “inventory handling time”:

  • Use the item filters to see only specific items, eg. “Everything worth less than 100k ISK”
  • Use station containers to store entire classes of items, “Process later” “Sell later” “Bulk sell” etc.
  • Ask in chat or Market forum/Services for “firesale” services that you can contract bulk stuff to for sale

For myself I noticed that as I moved around different areas, I was leaving behind 10-20M ISK worth of items in multiple locations, which was adding up to billions of ISK scattered all over, but would take too much time to gather and sell off.

After that I started keeping a T1 hauler with me and whenever I moved, I would just pack everything into the hauler and concentrate it all at some central location to firesale later.


Thats how I do it, I sort all the items by price, then everything below 250.000 ISK gets reprocessed instantly. That eradicates like 80% of all loot. Rest is just thrown in the market.


@Vartan_Sarkisian What I do is sort the items by price right in the Items window. Everything under a certain price I reprocess. The rest I use or keep for mass sell-off.

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