Selling 108m SP PvP Toon - Featured in Few Will Hunt Videos

PW: buyme

Sitting in a mid-grade crystal set
Ikitursa Casino Skin (10b)
Many skins for black ops BS (6-10b)
Fantastic killboard, lots of black ops kills
Featured in youtube series Few Will Hunt -
All BS 5
Blops 5
Can fly almost all subs if not all of them
All weapons systems highly skilled

Positive isk wallet
-2.9 sec status, can correct it before sale if it’s important

Open to offers

Awesome character how much you looking for bro :slight_smile:

Thanks man :slightly_smiling_face: looking for around 110b

I gotta ask: why 110b?

Not in a huge rush to sell, just waiting to get an offer I don’t mind really.

After looking into character pricing more, I’m open to offers :slight_smile:

Bump still for sale

offer 56b

56.5 bil b/0


58.5 bil b/o


bump - still looking for a bit more

65B isk

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