Selling 12M Barge/Orca Pilot

Barge V, Astrogeology IV - 14D to Exhumer
Industrial Command IV - 17D to V
Mining Frigate V

Comes with all those mining booster from the event!

Send offers

Positive wallet, no kill rights, located in Jita 4-4.
Seller pays transfer, ready for immediate sale

Pax Jova I can do 4.6B

4.5Bn B/O

i can 5.5 this morning


Pax Jova how about 5.6. Isk ready.

offering 5.7 @Pax_Jova

5.8bn offer

@Pax_Jova isk and account info sent.


Im home now. Isk received, character transfering

thx, i got the email

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