Selling 3 chars 4-5mil sp each // ALL SOLD

All chars are in hi sec
All have positive wallet
All have no kill rights
All have no jump cones

Will consider any reasonable offer

MrBrist /// /// 4mil SP SOLD
Brist Amatin /// /// 5mil SP /// SOLD
Brist Tsero /// /// 5mil SP /// B/O 4bil SOLD

For any inquiries please contact “Br1st” in-game

Confirm being sold

Confirm being sold

Confirm being sold

I will buy brit Tsero for 4b

B/O accepted send isk and account info to “Br1st” in-game and i will start the transfer

isk and info sent

Transfer started

Removing buyouts and starting auctions on the 2 chars that are left

3.5b for brist amatin

3.75bil and I can transfer right now

At work until later (19:00 eve time).

Will pay 3.75 if he’s still available then.

I will reserve him until then :slight_smile:

Isk and account details sent to Brist Amatin

Transfer started

Still selling “MrBrist” will sell for anything over 2bil

2.1 b?

Accepted, send isk and info to “Br1st” in-game

isk and info sent to mrbrist

Transfer started