**Selling 68 Million SP Hel (Supercarrier) Pilot/PVP**

Can fly:

  • Naglfar with tech 2 guns (hazard control skin)
  • Nighoggur with tech 2 light fighters (hazard control skin)
  • Hel with tech 2 heavy fighters (hazard control skin)

Subcap PVP focused mostly on Gallante and Caldari.


Taking offers.

55 bil

That sounds fair, my friend.

Glad to hear that, should we make the trade now?

https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Jove_Camulus Give it time maybe the bid go up :wink:


Thanks Sortido, still bidding until I get paid so maybe someone will bid higher :).

You can keep the auction open to get a few bil more, it’s a good char. I can send you my 55 bil anytime if you want.

Character still for sale.

Character sold.

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