Selling 8.3m sp subcap pilot

(Nova Windrunner) #1

Selling this toon
8.3mill sp
500,000 of which is unallocated
basic starter/subcap pilot. Flies mainly amarr/minnie
2 bonus remaps
positive wallet/sec status
located in highsec
no kill rights
1 clone and no implants
taking offers!

(Millineon Silvership) #2


(Muhammad Abbas) #3

6 Bill
Can it fly Sabre / Raven / Stiletto/Talwars/Ospreys?

(Nova Windrunner) #4

Thank you for the offers guys. Looking for just a little bit more!

To Muhammad, it can fly the raven and osprey but not the sabre and stiletto i believe

(Bushido AMINO) #5

6.1b offer

(Nova Windrunner) #6

Almost there. Looking for a little more

(Nova Windrunner) #7

Bump. 6.5 takes me home!

(Valeera Storm) #8

bump bump

(LEDx1) #9

7.5B isk ready

(Nova Windrunner) #10

I will accept this. Send isk and account info and I will start transfer

(LEDx1) #11

retract found another toon.

(Nova Windrunner) #12

Roger. Bidding is reopened

(Max Grimtooth) #13

bump bump

(Max Grimtooth) #14

just bumping

(El' Diablo) #15

6b offer

(viceman) #16