Selling a Rorq /Exhumer /Gallente Cruiser Pilot SP: 51,221,903

Selling a Rorq /Exhumer /Gallente Cruiser Pilot
Has light medium and heavy drones at 5 including most of the support skills for drones.
Navigation Skills are mostly 5
Has Strong shield and reprocessing skills
Will have covert ops 5 in less then 2 weeks
Total SP: 51,221,903
0 Kill Rights
55 Mill Wallet
Located in a Perimeter Npc Station
2 remaps
Starting bids at 35b
Buyout 60b

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

35 bil ready

Sorry boss that’s too much of a low ball


I can do 35b ready?

With no reply this toon is still for sale for 35B

35.5 bil

Ill take that deal @Gattanera

36 bil !!

36.5 bil

@Gattanera bid accepted if no reply in 10 mins its yours

@Gattanera its yours for 36.5b send the isk and ill begin the transfer process

35 B/O ?

waited a few hours she didnt send the isk so its yours for 35b

Isk recieved starting the process on my end.

ok ths

Transfer confirmation. I blurred out my account info for my own security.
Thank you for the purchase. GM’s this topic can be closed.

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