Selling Bookmarks with The new systen issue

Hey guys.

I wonder if it is just me…because after todays implementation it seems like you cant place a bookmark in your Hangar anymore.

This system was used to sell ded 10/10 and stuff in 0.0 space.

Watch this:

Do you have a time stamp?

What do you mean?

A exact time showing how to create a item that can be placed in a Contract out of the peopl and places window.

In The old System it was drag and drop

Watch the video and read the patch notes please.

So i read and whatched and no Information how to put bookmarks in contracts and sell them.

You cannot do that anymore. You now have to be online all the time if you want to sell an escalation and no one responds immediately. You have to put this escalation bookmark into a shared folder and share this folder via ACL with the person who bought the bookmark from you. If you are selling several escalations at once you may even want to have one folder for each escalation. You then have to manually remove access to this folder again once the person took the bookmark. It is all in the patch notes and that video probably. It is a glorious system prone for errors and full of a lot more busywork.

Oh yea did this a coupl min ago with a Corp mate…but i thought to my self that this is not supposed to be this complicated.
I like The new System for my alts…only doing one bookmark and all chars have it is really nice.

I hope they patch it in again that bookmarks that you created in a not shared Folder will be dragable into the Hangar again.

Edt.: I am almost always a buyer if those sites…i am afraid there will be a decline in sales

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the video is from 19th Nov and the bug with “no label:” still exists…:woman_facepalming:

That is a ridiculously convoluted process. I’ve just stumbled my way through it.

No doubt fantastic from a developer database perspective, and performance, but ludicrously over complex.

Can you drag shares bookmarks into an ingame email ?

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Nope but you can drag the folder they are in into a mail or a chat channel if you wish.

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