Selling charcater created in 01/ 2007

Selling this Character [EveSkillboard - Vitriol]

created in 2007. Has 3 bonus remaps and 1 yearly remap

Has a clean Corp history, no killrights, 0.00 sec, pos. ISK and is currently located in a station in Nullsec.

No offers below 4bill since it isnt worth it due to transfer fee.

How’s 5B?

thanks for the offer. will consider it.

what about 5.5?

bumpity bump

feel free to offer insanely high amounts of isk

I’ll up my previous offer. 7B

confirming the offer of 7b from BDSM Slave

character will be transfererred after isk has been received.

ISK and account name sent.

ISK received, Character transfer initiated .

Awaiting transfer completion.

Char has been removed from account. Topic can be closed for my part

Confirm, Toon transfer is complete.

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