Selling market domination (single SKIN) (own behalf)

Selling Domination on : (Inquisitor Hunter Quiver Skin)

Me knows only a single other player in this market. Proof me wrong.

time : long term

care intensity : low i guess

number of owned skins : after your price indication


Wallecctro Firearrow

Walllecctro´s Private Banking

Eve Online: where even the sales pitches are toxic.

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means to be honest i bought them 10 k each - so whatts wrong ?

  • up - i have 8 of these :partying_face::thinking:

i have a few of them as well :slight_smile: what are you selling them for

@Pusheen-Chan me have several more times the present whole market. In my eyes you are not “player” there. But ya may sell well, right.

@Double_Dipper What they worth for ya?

@readers Please accept i dont wanna explain market strategys for that here.

  • up -
  • up -
  • up -

This market quite collapsed recently. 2 mil to 700 k a SKIN. Nevertheless … offer active … :wink:

@CopyCatz Does patience pay out ? :wink:

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