Selling myself, 22m sp Cap skills injected

(Hatchet Mann) #1

I’ve been building this guy as a future cap pilot.

T2 Large Projectile and Hybrid.

T2 Small and Medium Hybrid, Small Projectile

Min and Gal Ceptors/Assault Frigs. Decent Drone skills. Svipul

Min and Gal Dread and Carrier injected, along with all relevant skills.

AM now in NPC corp, and located in HIghsec. Asking 20B b/o, will consider offers.

WTB Entry level PvE Gal/Min Carrier pilot
(Perpetualed) #2

I can offer 15b

(Hatchet Mann) #3

I appreciate the offer, but I feel he’s worth more

(Perpetualed) #4

16 billion is my last offer. If you agree, I can transfer the ISK now. Otherwise, consider it a bid and good luck with the auction.

(vnbo ian) #5

I can offer 16.5b

(Brenda Pontus) #6

Logging in to send isk. Just a heads up!

(Hatchet Mann) #7

I will be selling to in-game offer. Thank you for the offers.

(Brenda Pontus) #8

Isk sent

(Hatchet Mann) #9

starting transfer now

(system) #10

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