Selling prime indy wormhole

Selling undisclosed C1 with a fully fit fortizar, rigged tatara (refinery) and azbel (cap ships), as well as all pocos for all planets. Undisclosed amounnt of capital ships also available upon request, otherwise they will be liquidated. Not in a rush to sell this, would prefer a fair price.

Upsides : highsec static allows for easy transport, as well as C1 makes the maximum size ship in or out medium, which gives you a home advantage since you can fit and use large / very large size ships. Wormhole is fairly small, easy to roll even with alpha rollers. Hole already ready to start mining / manufacturing. Hole is also very very good PI, with 11 planets, decent spread.

Buyout option : 20 billion (cost of structures + fits + rigs + fuel in hole).

For more information you’ll have to contact me :).

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