Selling Wormholes

Hi Guys,

I am selling wormholes.

Great so how does it work?

Its easy:

Step 1: You write a message in this thread about what type of wormhole you want and if it can have towers in it or not, you also write how much ISK you are offering for the wormhole (Example: Looking for C5 Black Hole No towers bidding 5 billion idk)

Step 2: Wait for a response from me ingame. if the offer sounds good i will go and search for the wormhole if you are not offering enough (example: 10 mil isk for a c5) i will deny the offer. you will get an evemail with the information if the offer has ben denied or accepted.

Step 3:When i found the wormhole type you want i will send you another EVE Mail and will deploy a scanner alt in the wormhole.

Step 4: Transfer 50% of the isk to me and tell me at what time (Eve Time) on wich day you will need the entrance to the wormhole.

Step 5: On the day where you want to enter the wormhole i will be online at the time you want to enter it.
Convo me and i will seend you a bookmarks folder with the bookmarks that bookmark the wormholes that lead to the wormhole system. in return transfer me the leftover 50% of what we agreed on.

Step 6: Enjoy ur wormhole

If you have any questions feel free to ask here

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