Selling XL ammunition in bulk?

Is this a profitable idea at all? I’m thinking about mass producing EMP XL and selling it at Jita, but to be honest I don’t care much about how profitable it is as much as if it is at all profitable. My greater goal is to just fill a Hoarder because I want to, and XL ammunition takes the least amount of time to do that; but I don’t want to be losing ISK due to my hobby.

So rephrasing the question, will selling XL ammunition in bulk on the market at Jita or Amarr result in a loss for me or can I actually sustain it? This is assuming that the BPO I use is maxed (-20% material use) and I produce it at a 10% tax NPC station, since I doubt I’ll manage to find a POS citadel with a 0% tax. I’ve checked it using EVE-Cost and it seems like it would make a profit, but I also don’t know how fast it’ll end up selling.

Wut fer? Roleplaying?

Regardless, if you really want to know, manually add up your production costs and taxes (very easy to do for one item) or make a spreadsheet that does it for you (takes a little more effort, but isn’t particularly difficult).

Also, the market window shows sell volumes for everything. Look at the price history tab towards the top. Compare with other ammos to get a frame of reference.

P.S. there’s apparently a guy that goes around selling porn holo reels for RP purposes.


I’ve already dabbled in spreadsheets before so I’ll be able to make one for it. I’ll also check the market sell volume once I get back onto EVE someday tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions, and hopefully it isn’t a loss since I really want to do it.

As for roleplaying, no. I just want to have a excuse to fly a fully-loaded Hoarder around. First I wanted to do it with EMP S since that would be 24 million projectiles stuffed into a max skilled Hoarder, but that would take more than a month to produce on one account (and again with maxed skills). EMP M takes half that time for 5 million projectiles, EMP L takes nine days for 2.5 million projectiles, while EMP XL takes 3 days for half a million (again with maxed skills); so I’m opting for the one that’ll be the shortest for the most fun. :smiley:

Also partially for the meme, which is why I wanted to do the 24 million haul at first. Also the same reason I want to fly a Bowhead fully loaded with packaged corvettes to Jita (though I’m not intending to get blown up in the Hoarder, unlike that).


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