''Semiotique'' Monocle Month, October

The monocle committee is proud to promote October as ‘‘semiotique’’ monocle month.

Many may ask is the ‘‘semiotique’’ monocle worth thinking about for an entire month where as such days as remembrance day are only dwelled upon for a mere day? Well like LGBT or Black’s history month, you have to ask what is the biggest tragedy having, an acquaintance die in battle in the name of freedom or having an acquaintance fall so low as to purchase a ‘‘semiotique’’ monocle?

Clearly the ‘‘semiotique’’ is worth computing for a month, & I ask all of you to take a knee & to consider the ramifications of pay 2 attire each morning in the month of October.

Don’t be an elite or should I remind you how our golden monocles came into existence.


Wtf is a semierotic monorail


Since I’m an Apparel collector with 634 different items, I will definitely be getting those Monocles from the NES. However I will say I’m not too pleased about the price of 750 PLEX for each.

And yes I bought the ‘Semiotique’ Cyber Suit pack from CCP for $19.99. I’m not happy that the only way to acquire those items is out of game with real money. However I was surprised to find out the pack had 10 new Apparel items in it (5 male & 5 female) along with some Fireworks so there’s that…


I will remind everyone anyway how it was back in the day


My eyepiece was 3.9bil. That was actually cheap as the higher prices started at 4.4bil XD

Why do there need to be separate men’s and women’s Monocles, again?

To keep the JK fans happy

So…did you not want to support the Epic Games Store with buying that Cyber Suit pack for $4.99? It do be on sale.

Why no other monocle types for other genders? :smirk: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:


Again, something about J K

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