September 2018 Release - Known Issues


(zieg zion) #103

PLease fix the item and inventory hanger closing everytime. The annoyance level when multi-accounting is annoying as hell

(Boomshake) #104

What I need to do saw I can get Inventory window stay active when docking in citadel/refinery etc…??

(Dread Saboteur) #105

geting a bug on the launcher after 17.09.2018 downtime it shows ready when i click a client to start i get an error"could not copy files for Tranquility"

(Amarisen Gream) #106

evil chuckle the EVE Code Hentai Monster seems to still be at its best. :octopus::squid::octopus::squid:

Wish you all the best.

(bozoKaido) #107

Run the launcher as administrator. This will solve your problems.

(bozoKaido) #108

Run the launcher as administrator. This will solve your problems.

(Louisa Mason) #109

One issue I have comes across, is in regards to the hacking.

Some hacking is extremley high in difficulty. Even for me, having hacking 4, and knowing what I am doing. It is comparable to a null sec haking site.

The examaple is, taking 30 attempts to complete one site. That being the case. If this event is meant to be open to players of all levels of experiance, including new players. Then the difficulty is too high.

Posting here, for it to be looked at. Just my thoughts, after my experiance

Edit - 1
Getting the same problem this morning. So I have to ask. Do you need perfect hacking skills to do this event? And is the point of this event to wind people up, so they rage quit the event? And lastly, do you not want new players to be able to do it?

(Slept) #110

These new Subverted drones have the worst effective tracking of any drone in the game, they resolve to 400 meter sig (old tracking system) like a heavy drone, have heavy drone tracking values, but orbit 10-45% faster than T2 heavies.

I suspect whomever created these forgot about the old sig resolution tracking values and just plugged in number that felt right. As it stands they track ~3x worse than a Hammerhead II and slightly worse than an Ogre II. This may or may not be in error, just bringing it up.

A few examples below, converted to Weapon Accuracy Score (i don’t know orbit range)

 WAS  DRONE  Orbit Speed m/s
 54  Ogre II  300
 65  Subverted JVN  440
 85  Gecko  400
 223  Hammerhead II  528
 3485  Hobgoblin II  660


(Shadowlance) #111

They also have the worst damage modifier across all medium drones. That making them even worse than t2 drones despite bigger raw damage of all types.
I don’t see any possibly use of these drones. If they’re not even comparable with t2 analogs(not even saying about faction+), they’re definitely not “medium geckos”.

(Fperet Togenada) #112

Any idea why event accelerators are not considered as “limited” and also can’t be traded?

(Thelzar Calzahar) #113

Additional Rogue Site problem - If you attempt to salvage any of the medium drone wrecks, regardless of site timer, the boss/loot ship will warp off

(Breona) #114

Currently docked in null sec station owned by a corporation that I am not a member of. I can access my ship hangar but not my item hangar.

(Knalldari Testpilot) #115

@CCP_Habakuk and @CCP_Lebowski

Ingame video playback stuttering/hanging.
Affected is every video in “F12/tutorial videos” and the intro video itself.

Intro has multiple playback issues and video totally stops playback at “pilot in capsule” scenery (while audio still playing).

(Spc One) #116

@CCP_Falcon @CCP_Lebowski
Caldari Union DAY SKINS: Golem and Raven doesn’t show “Caldari Union Day” LOGO on wings.

(Beachura) #117

Even though the resource loading icon (bottom left) isn’t lit, I’d bet that this ‘bug’ is as a result of incorrect loading / downloading of resources. Did a client restart fix it?

(CCP Falcon) #118

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