September 2018 Release - Known Issues


(Ildrara) #82

Upwells didn’t always exist in game. I wonder if you also complain about flashing players being allowed to tether…

(ronny coops) #83

why is the market window not working as it should not on the list?

(Uriel the Flame) #84

Just an observation: If you bring out such horrible patches that piss off your players you will likely not meet the requirements to get your 200 mil eur bonus payout from pearl abyss. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dread Saboteur) #85

New deposit thingy is great as is ignore the ganker tears CCP ,after all they kill your revenue and your game by driving players away

(Sylvia Kildare) #87

It’s still remembering my credentials, not sure what you mean there.

But yeah, the pop-up window is annoying.

(dorfsorc) #88

still an issue, am guessing it was tied to all those complaints about how long it took to dock and undock. now it takes even longer because you have to open inventory, select ships, choose ship to change into, wait for it to react , then undock. I get it that opening the inventory automatically when you dock is a lag generator, but it really needs to be fixed. can you get us an update?

(CCP Habakuk) #89

The remaining fix for the inventory window in Upwell structures should arrive with the next patch, early next week.

(ronny coops) #90

Are you ever going to fix the market window and why is it not listed in known issues?

(Confused Amarr Citizen) #91

All my escalations are still bugged and don’t show up in the agency. Have you any update on this as its been over 3 months now since this started?

(CCP Habakuk) #92

This depends a lot on what your issue is. I assume you are complaining that sell orders in Upwell structures are not included in the region-wide filter. Unfortunately we have no “fix” for this yet, but we are still investigating various options, which will not kill server performance (my currently preferred option would be to remove the region filter completely :frowning: ).

The known issues in this thread are only for issues, which are new with this release.

I am not sure if your character is affected by the problem, which I am thinking about, but I tracked down one issue a few days ago, which is caused by extremely old expired escalations. I hope a fix for this specific problem will be implemented soon, but I have no ETA yet.

(Confused Amarr Citizen) #93

Thanks for the update. I’ve got the issue across at least 3 characters and they all started at the same time, when the operation conscious interruption event started. I’ve got a bug report open for it, is there anything else I can do to confirm if it’s the same issue you mention?

(CCP Habakuk) #94

Could you tell me the EBR - id of your bug report or the names of the affected characters? Then I can have a look, if your characters are affected by this bug.

(Confused Amarr Citizen) #95


(CCP Habakuk) #96

Yes, the character from your bug report is affected by this issue, where completely outdated data (more than 10 years old) is failing to be processed (no idea why it even exists). I hope we can find a fix soon-ish.

(ronny coops) #97

this problem has been around for atleast from start of the year . I just cant see why this isn’t getting sorted . I just cant understand why new things are added befor you fix the things that are bust

(Ildrara) #98

If all development time went to 100% bug and glitch fixing you wouldn’t see any development.
CCP is like any other company. They pick their battles. For better or worse, you get what you get.

(ronny coops) #99

Well things that work would be a hell of a lot better than what we have right now . Adding content ontop of a bust system can’t be a good way of delivering new content

(Ildrara) #100

You could just stop playing until all the bugs are fixed. You get the same results.

(Mark O'Helm) #101

Ice mining still produces 2 stacks of ice. :smirk:

(Leahcim Woods) #102

Not just ‘Main inventory window’ but Ship hangar and Item Hangar also
Six accounts every time I dock: ALT+C, ALT+N, ALT+G
It’s the little things like this that get broken, never reported and take ages to fix that make the game such a chore. Please fix. :[